Campaign Study: Khoobehi & Associates’ April Injectable Blowout Event

Khoobehi & Associates has been an eRelevance client since September 26, 2017. During this time, they have run 23 campaigns. One of the most significant campaigns they ran was an injectable event in April of 2018. This campaign had a 22.21 effectiveness rating. It generated 52 responses and a potential gross revenue of $26,000!

These spectacular results aren’t achieved out of luck—eRelevance’s team of experts follow industry best practices to produce effective marketing campaigns. In fact, after the 2nd email cycle, the client reported that the event booked up completely before the other two emails could even go out. What made it so effective? Let’s dig into it.

Topic and Offer

This campaign promoted an injectable event for Botox® and dermal fillers, which the creator named “Injectable Blowout Event.” While most event campaigns eRelevance creates specify there will be drinks, appetizers, prizes, etc., this specific event only marketed the savings:


Option 1: $100 off your Botox treatment.

Option 2: Bring in a friend and you both receive 50% off your Botox treatments.

Incentivizing customers to refer or bring in a friend has proven to be successful in many marketing campaigns. With events in particular, it ensures a higher attendance and increases the likeliness that customers will attend the event because they will have an acquaintance with them.


Option 1: $100 off one syringe of Filler

Option 2: Buy one syringe of Filler, get one 50% off


Formatting offers effectively increases the success of the campaign. An easy way to catch the viewer’s eye is to make the offers stand out. In the campaign, the words “Free” and “$100 off” are larger than the rest of the text and colored differently.

 Segmentation and Frequency

This campaign was targeted to a specific group of contacts within Khoobehi & Associates’ database. It reached 298 customers. By applying intentional segmentation and scheduling, this campaign did not overwhelm the customers with too many messages in a  short period of time.

Call to Action

A strong call to action will urge viewers to purchase a product, service, or RSVP. In this case, the button labeled “Sign me up!” did the job. Right above the button, the creator wrote “Ready to reserve your spot? Hurry–space is limited!” All of these phrases create an urgency for the viewer to act fast.

Mobile Friendliness

The emails, social ads, and landing page were meticulously formatted to appear correctly on mobile devices. The formatting, line breaks, and images all look uniform and polished. Because 46 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, it is crucial to create mobile-friendly marketing campaigns. See this mobile marketing best practices blog post for more tips.

Social Media Ads

The creator of this campaign decided to write the image captions in an uppercase font. This catches the viewer’s attention and creates a sense of urgency to RSVP to the event. When the viewer clicks the link on the ad, the call to action on the landing page is clear and concise. The images used in the social ads are consistent with the images in the email and landing page; this creates a cohesive

multichannel campaign.


Does the thought of making a marketing campaign this complex for your business stress you out? Let the team of experts at eRelevance create multichannel marketing campaigns on your behalf with your input. Click here to schedule a demo of our service.

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