Proactively Increase Revenue and Improve Patient Relationships

Your patients are the most valuable assets to your business.  In these economic times when it is more challenging to increase your revenue, you have to be more proactive; whether it’s to drive more revenue or lower risk, while improving patient relationships. It is hard to improve the relationship with your existing or prospective patients without having meaningful dialogs with them when they are not in your care.

eRelevance offers a managed service to healthcare practices and hospital systems that targets and engages existing and prospective patients in automated, personalized synthetic conversations.  The managed service leverages industry leading, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based technology to educate, assess health, discover needs, cultivate interests, offer promotions, and learn about the patient’s life.  As a managed service, no labor burden is placed on the providers or their staff!

NOT old fashioned email/text reminder and activation software

to learn how to STOP marketing to your patients and START building relationships!