Patient Engagement Service

We’ve spoken to hundreds of healthcare practices and have heard that when they have conversations with patients or prospects in the office or over-the-phone, they learn about their needs and interests, can educate them on their treatment options, and schedule their care. 

But when patients or prospects are off the phone or out of the office, practices rely on mass marketing to connect to them, which lacks the ability to have a meaningful  “conversation”.

We hear that only a fraction of the leads from their mass marketing efforts turn into revenue.   This leaves a significant opportunity to systematically “nurture” the rest to generate additional revenue.

We provide a service for healthcare providers and hospitals systems that "nurtures" their database of existing and prospective patients, outside the point of care, to generate leads at two to three times the effectiveness of mass marketing.

Instead of the effort spent blasting impersonal communications to patients with no idea how they will engage or what they care about, we leverage our proprietary HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based conversational marketing automation and analytics technology to "systematically" generate leads via email, a mobile app, texting, web, and social media and further engage them in a more intimate way through 1-on-1 (automated) "conversations" via DocWithMe texting or the DocWithMe app.  Our technology is able to gather, remember, and use the response from prior conversations to have an increasing more relevant conversation with patients!

eRelevance is a strategic partner for healthcare practices and hospitals systems that "nurtures" their patients intelligently to cultivate interest, discover needs, offer promotions, and educate them to generate more business