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Convenience + Control = Good Marketing & Happy Contacts

So you’ve got a creative and compelling message, unbeatable discount, and a fertile list of targets who want to hear from you. It’s a very good start for a successful marketing campaign.  But in this online, off-line and mobile world, it isn’t quite enough.

For your marketing to really work, you have to be where your targets are.  And today, that’s everywhere.  Only multi-channel marketing allows you to be everywhere, and gives your contacts the choices they want.  (Check out this infographic on 8 Benefits of Multi-Channel Digital Marketing on Business 2 Community.)

Multiple Channels Offer Convenience—and Control

Your contacts value control over how they interact with you. They want to make appointments and get information on their terms and schedules.  They aren’t always available during your business hours.  Your marketing should provide multiple ways to make appointments or ask questions, and offer easy links to do so from your email and landing pages, as well as through texting and mobile apps on smartphones.

People also have communication preferences, so you’ll reach the most targets—at the most opportune times—when you’re not dependent on a single channel.

For Danville, California-based Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, a multi-channel marketing approach is fueling growth by capturing the attention—and wallets—of its contacts.

Since early 2016, the practice has been executing integrated campaigns through six digital channels: branded email, text messages, push notifications, targeted Facebook ads, web landing pages and automated conversational content on a smart phone app.

“With multiple channels, we’re reaching people we may have missed with just email,” says Megan Scott, the practice’s director of marketing. “What we’re doing has brought back people who have not been here in years, and that’s our goal.”

In less than six months, Blackhawk Plastic Surgery’s multi-channel marketing generated 460 appointment requests.

To read more about how Blackhawk Plastic Surgery is successfully reaching more patients and generating more business by offering control and convenience, click here.

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