Stand Back, Is There a Doctor of Marketing in the House?

How often have you sent out an email blast to your clients and had no idea how much business it generated? Or been unsure if this month was more successful than others? Sure, you can see open rates, but do they actually give you an idea of how much ROI was generated?

Using marketing software tools or traditional firms and consultants will never find a cure to the problems that plague marketing for small- to medium-sized businesses. Why? Because no one can easily give you this kind of visibility.

A 30 percent open rate is a great figure—but what does this mean for you? How does this translate into what business was generated from your marketing efforts? It doesn’t. It mostly means that 70 percent of the customers you tried to reach didn’t get the message. Here are two questions for you:

  1. Beyond email, what other digital channels are you using to directly reach (target) your patients? Texting, landing pages, targeted social, conversational, others? For most SMBs, we hear their marketing or outreach is solely done through email. Some think their Facebook business page or social ads are reaching their patients, but they aren’t. These forms of marketing are not targeted—they’re reaching everyone, including the people who won’t care about your marketing.
  2. What are you doing to track the number of appointments or consultations generated from your marketing? Do you manually track where responses to your marketing are coming from? That’s a lot of work. For most SMBs, we hear that they do not have a great way to track how many leads or consultations are generated from their patient marketing.

If you’re like most SMBs, this means you’re sending out email blasts each month, but you have no visibility when it comes to how much business is generated. Equally challenging, you’re not reaching the vast majority of your patients with your patient marketing efforts. Don’t fret—eRelevance can help!

eRelevance provides a marketing service that relieves you from having to do the marketing yourself.

For you, we:

  1. Provide complete visibility into your ROI.
  2. Reach a larger group of customers with your message, promotion, or special than with email alone.

No longer will you have to guess whether your marketing is generating business or not, nor will you have to do all the work. Contact us today to learn more!

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