About Us

eRelevance Corporation is a Progressive Patient Engagement Service for healthcare providers and health systems. The company, located in Austin, Texas was founded in July 2013 by Robert Fabbio, Lance Obermeyer, and Timothy Smith, who have been collectively associated with over 12 startups that have created over $1.5B of shareholder value at time of exit. 

Our Approach - Progressive Patient Engagement

eRelevance offers a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant Progressive Patient Engagement Service for healthcare providers, healthcare practices, and hospital systems to drive revenue and improve patient health.  Our service gives healthcare providers an automated ability to build relationships with their patients after the point-of-care that puts no burden on the providers or their staff to:

  • Improve patient relationships
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce staff workload

eRelevance’s service is the first to link patient engagement to building relationships and revenue.

The eRelevance service gives healthcare providers the ability to segment their patient population to automatically and dynamically have targeted personalized dialogs, track patient engagement effectiveness, collect important patient information, track the clinical and financial impact of patient engagement, track appointments/admissions requested, and find patients who are candidates for additional care or services.

The eRelevance service connects to the patient via a mobile application to give them the ability to share important information with their provider, learn about relevant topics, request care, and communicate directly with their provider(s) (if the provider allows for it) – all after the point-of-care!