We offer two affordable subscriptions.


With our Standard subscription, you have access to our Progressive Patient Engagement Service to:

  • Discover patients that are candidates for higher margin services or care and drive them back into your practice.

  • Discover patients that need to be seen and drive them back into your practice.

  • Drive inactive patients back into your practice for care.

  • Improve patient health and wellness.

  • Build patient loyalty and increase patient retention.

  • Satisfy new healthcare regulations to lower penalties and increase incentives by driving patients to their PHI portals and detecting earlier changes in health.


Includes all of what is in our Standard subscription plus we integrate with your Practice Management System or Electronic Medical Records system to:

  • Automatically access your patient and appointments database.
  • Segment your patients more comprehensively based on a richer set of patient attributes.
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments.
  • Engage patients, after their appointments, in conversations that are clinical relevant (based on time, condition, etc.).
  • Automatically engage new patients without any effort.
  • Report on appointments generated by service, by certain demographics, etc.

Our service and the engagement with your patients puts no burden on you or your staff.  The more your patients engage and share, the more you learn about them and the more appointments are generated.