This policy is incorporated by reference into the Service Provider Corporation’s (“the Service Provider”) Service Agreement (the “Agreement”), and all users of the Service must comply with this policy at all times. The Service Provider reserves the right to update this policy as it deems necessary and will notify its customers of any such updates via this website.

Access and Use

Customer will access and use the Service in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.  Customer will not knowingly or willfully use the Service in any manner that could damage or interfere with the Service Provider’s provision of the Service.  Customer (including its Users and anyone acting on behalf of Customer) will not perform security, vulnerability, load testing or penetration tests or intentionally exploit known vulnerabilities in any capacity against the Service Provider’s platform infrastructure or applications.  Customer will be responsible for maintaining the security of its access to and use of the Service and will promptly notify the Service Provider of any unauthorized access or use of which it becomes aware.

The Service Provider will not access Customer Data except in accordance with the Agreement, to the extent necessary to address technical issues, for Service support and training or to ensure compliance with the Agreement.

Electronic Communications and Anti-Spam Policy

Customer will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to bulk or commercial email, as well as other electronic communications, when using the Service, including without limitation all local or national laws applicable to the regions where Customer has business operations or where the recipients of their electronic communications are located.

The Service Provider has a zero tolerance policy regarding using the Service to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (“UCE”) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (“UBE”) (collectively referred to as “spam” or “Unsolicited Email”).  Unsolicited Email is defined as email sent to persons other than (i) persons with whom Customer has an existing business relationship, OR (ii) persons who have consented to the receipt of such email, including publishing or providing their email address in a manner from which consent to receive email of the type transmitted may be reasonably implied.  Commercial advertising and/or emails and other electronic communications may only be sent to recipients who have opted-in to receive messages from the sender.

It is the Service Provider’s policy to catalog, investigate and take appropriate action on all reports of abuse.  Any Customer account found to be in violation of this policy is subject to immediate suspension, and may not be allowed to send any additional emails or other electronic communications using the Service.

Recipients of emails or other electronic communications sent using the Service are encouraged to report suspected violation of this policy by forwarding a copy of the received email or other electronic communication to [email protected]

Privacy and Data Protection

Customer will be knowledgeable about and at all times compliant with all privacy and data protection laws applicable to its location and operations. Customer will not provide the Service Provider access to or upload or send through the Service any sensitive personal information, including without limitation, social security numbers, passport or visa numbers, driver’s license numbers, taxpayer or employee ID, passwords or personal health information.

Date of Last Revision:  August 30, 2017