Activate Your Inactive Patients

We activate your inactive patients through integrated campaign management, care management, and patient engagement features described below.

Campaign Management

We provide you with a web portal that gives your practice or hospital the ability to create, launch, and manage patient engagement campaigns.

Campaigns target your patients with personalized simulated conversations that allow us to activate your inactive patients and drive them back in for care.

Campaigns also help you:

  • Improve patient outcomes (health and wellness).
  • Build patient loyalty and increase patient retention.
  • Satisfy new healthcare regulations to lower penalties and increase incentives by driving patients to their PHI portals and detecting earlier changes in health.
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments to reduce no shows.

Care Management

As patients engage with you using our mobile application, the personalized simulated conversation direct them to come in for medical care, helping activate those patients that have been inactive. Outside of any simulated patient conversation, our mobile application gives patients the ability to contact you for care on their own. 

Our provider-facing web portal gives your practice or hospital visibility into those patients who requested care, those patients who are determined to need care (and why), and those patients who were discovered as candidates for higher margin services and care.  eRelevance provides complete visibility into the clinical and financial impacts of patient engagement.

Patient Engagement

Many of the patient engagement solutions today bombard patients with canned phone calls, text messages, emails and postcards in an attempt to activate them. Little is done to create a personalized two-way engagement with the patient based on what is learned about their health, health behaviors, life, personal interests, etc. 

Our patient-facing mobile application enables progressive engagement through simulated conversations where you have increasingly more personalized two-way interaction with your patients without any effort by you or your staff. 

We give you the ability to interact with your patients to learn about what is going on with them, educate them on topics that matter to their health and well-being, and assess whether they are in need of care and if so, enable them to request care.

Personalized Engagement

At eRelevance, patients engage in simulated conversations with their healthcare providers that are personalized to the patient’s hobbies, interests, health, health behaviors, and more.   And as we learn more about each patient over time, the conversations become increasingly more personalized.   So, whether it is the information communicated, the questions asked, or the education provided in any conversation, it is relevant to the patient. 

Two-Way Engagement

At eRelevance, patients are not bombarded with emails, text messages, or phones calls.  Instead, patients initiate simulated conversations with you, where we capture the interaction in your EMR, EHR, or PMS.  Patient can also have direct conversations with you (if you allow), via phone, text or email.