We've built a cost-effective, HIPAA compliant service for OB/GYN providers that allows you to continue the conversation after a patient leaves your care without putting any burden on you or your staff.   With our service, you can engage your patients when they are away from you to INCREASE Revenue and IMPROVE Outcomes.

Understanding Your Needs

Our service is ideal to help you stay in touch with your patients during the 99% of the time they are away from you. 

Our service engages your patients in simulated personalized conversations that can discover their need, or desire for your services such as contraception, fertility, mammography, menopause management, pregnancy, surgery (hysterectomy, Endometrial ablation, Laparoscopy), weight loss, etc. 

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At eRelevance, patient engagement is not about blasting patients with text messages, emails, or phone calls - it is about facilitating a two-way conversation between the patient and provider based on what is learned about their health, health behaviors, life, and personal interests that puts no burden on the provider or their staff.  The eRelevance service was designed by doctors for doctors to support simulated personalized conversations, additive to the in-person care provided, to gather information, educate, and discover candidates for new or follow-up care.