Stand Back, Is There a Doctor of Marketing in the House?

How often have you sent out an email blast to your patients and had no idea how to diagnose if it generated much business for your practice?  Or if this month’s email blast worked better than some other months?  Sure, you can see open rates, but what does that mean?  Do they give you an idea of how many consultations were generated?

Using marketing software tools or traditional marketing firms and consultants will never find a cure to the problems that plague patient marketing for aesthetic healthcare practices.  Why?  Because no one can easily give you this kind of visibility.

So, let’s say you have a 30 percent open rate on the last email blast you sent to your patients.  Fantastic, this is higher than the industry average.

But what does this mean to you and your practice?   How does this translate into what business was generated from your patient marketing efforts?   It doesn’t.  It mostly means that 70 percent of the patients you were trying to reach with your promotion or special or message did not see it.  So, here are two questions for you:

  1. Beyond email, what other digital channels are you using to directly reach (target) your patients?  Do you use texting, web, targeted social, conversational, others?   For most aesthetic healthcare practices, we hear their patient marketing or outreach is solely done through email.   And some think their Facebook business page or social ads are reaching their patients, but they aren’t.  These forms of marketing are not targeted.  They are reaching everyone in the universe.
  2. What are you doing to track the number of consults generated from your patient marketing?  Do you manually track where inbound calls or requests for care are coming from?  That is lots of work.  For most aesthetic healthcare practices, we hear that they do not have a great way to track how many leads or consultations are generated from their patient marketing.

So, if you are like most aesthetic healthcare practices, this means you are sending out email blasts to your patients each month, but you have no visibility into how much business is generated.   And equally challenging, you are not reaching the vast majority of your patients with your patient marketing efforts.  Well, don’t fret. With eRelevance, there is a cure.

eRelevance provides aesthetic practices with a marketing service that relieves you from having to do patient marketing yourself.   It’s not your core competency anyway.

For you, we:

  1. Provide complete visibility into how many consultations are generated
  2. Reach a larger group of patients with your message, promotion, or special than email alone to generate more business

No longer will you have to guess whether your patient marketing is generating business or not.    Nor will you have to do all the work.   This is just want the Doctor ordered!