Lots of Marketing Technologies. Time for a Technology-Enabled Marketing Automation Service

3,784 vendors have created marketing tools for marketeers and businesses to do their own marketing outreach (and more).  The top 5 largest categories, by number of solutions included, are:

  • Sales Automation, Enablement & Intelligence (220)
  • Social Media Marketing & Monitoring (186)
  • Display & Programmatic Advertising (180)
  • Marketing Automation & Campaign/Lead Management (161)
  • Content Marketing (160)

These tools require organizations and people that are skilled in marketing, data management, and the tools themselves.  For many using these tools, this is not the case.  So, frustrations run high because the tools are challenging to use, the effort is more than expected,  and the results are not as hoped for.  And yet, every year more and more marketing tools are created and/or enhanced.

Time for a new approach.  At eRelevance, we leverage proprietary marketing technology, marketing experts who follow marketing best practices, and integrated multi-channel campaigns to provide a world-class Marketing Automation Service.  We dramatically improve the performance of marketing efforts for businesses while eliminating work for them.  All at a price that others can’t compete with!