Technology-Enabled Marketing Service for Optometry Practices


We've built a cost-effective, HIPAA compliant technology-enabled marketing automation service for Optometry practices that nurtures your existing and prospective patients to automatically generate appointment requests.  

Our service focuses on running integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns to promote your services using email, a mobile app, text messaging, and Facebook ads with custom built landing pages. All of these elements work together to engage and nurture your existing and prospective clients in order to educate, discover needs, cultivate interests, promote special offers, and learn about their lives - ultimately driving them in for more services.

We do this without putting any burden on you or your staff.


Our service engages your patients in simulated personalized conversations that can discover their need, or desire for your services such as contact lenses, LASIK surgery, LATISSE, Orthokeratology, refractive surgery, etc.  

At eRelevance, patient engagement is not about blasting patients with text messages, emails, or phone calls - it is about facilitating a two-way conversation between the patient and provider based on what is learned about their health, health behaviors, life, and personal interests that puts no burden on the provider or their staff.  The eRelevance service was designed by doctors for doctors to support simulated personalized conversations, additive to the in-person care provided, to gather information, educate, and discover candidates for new or follow-up care.


We offer an affordable subscription. That means you pay a fixed monthly fee and we do the work!

We're confident in our ability to help your business!  Our proven service is delivering value to hundreds of customers and that number is growing daily.   If you would like to learn more about how we can nurture your contacts and surface leads at two to three times the effectiveness of you doing it yourself, please fill out the form below.