How eRelevance Helps CMG Financial Stay Connected to Referral Partners

eRelevance’s suite of tech-powered engagement services powers the growth of more than 1,300 small- to medium-size businesses. This game-changing process offloads the effort of reaching customers and prospects, lowers advertising costs and improves lead conversion.

One of these clients is Ashleigh Nicole Fletcher, a Loan Officer with CMG Financial. Ashleigh strives to maintain her relationships with referral partners. Before utilizing eRelevance’s suite of services, she would send, “general, untargeted email messages and posting messages on Facebook, hoping people would see them.” Most small- to medium-size businesses experience the burden to either do their marketing themselves or hire an outside team, which may affect their bottom line. eRelevance fills in that gap—they offer an affordable service that results in a higher lead conversion for their clients.

With eRelevance, Ashleigh has access to marketing experts who create sophisticated multichannel marketing campaigns to meet her referral partners and prospect customers where they are—on Facebook, Instagram, email, text messages, and apps. She says, “No other company does everything eRelevance does to reach more people.” Ashleigh says. “I know my business, but I’m not an expert in marketing or technology.”

Like most professionals, Ashleigh doesn’t have time to follow up with each lead she gets. That’s where eRelevance’s Connect service steps in. Ashleigh explains, “The eRelevance Connect service chases my prospects, then connects me with them so I can quickly increase conversion from interest to loan application.” eRelevance simplifies marketing so small- to medium-size business owners can focus on their services.

It’s important for Ashleigh to stay connected to her customers, prospects and referral partners because of the competitive nature of the financial industry. As a loan officer, she must nurture her relationships to stay relevant and grow her business. Her referral partners are especially crucial for this growth. eRelevance takes the work off her shoulders to make those connections on her behalf, so she can focus on what she does best.

“eRelevance knows how to reach people, and they do the work so it’s off my plate.”

-Ashleigh Nichole Fletcher, Loan Officer, CMG Financial

Ashleigh’s experience highlights just a few of the ways eRelevance works to delight its clients by driving more business and offloading the work to engage their buyers and referral partners. To read more about Ashleigh’s experience with eRelevance, click here.

Are you too busy to create your own marketing campaigns and chase your leads? Consider getting help. At eRelevance, our team of marketing experts takes the work off your plate and creates marketing campaigns for all industries on your behalf with your input. Then, the Connect team connects you with your prospects so you can increase your conversion.

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