What does an effective marketing campaign look like?

We’ve talked about best practices and how only email blasting your clients won’t get you the results you desire. But if you’re not just emailing, what does effective marketing look like and how do you make it happen? It can be tricky to know what your content should look like, who to contact, how often, and more. Let’s look at a successful marketing campaign made by the team at eRelevance and some of the ways we ensure you’re doing the best marketing job possible.

The Campaign

This multi-channel campaign ran for three weeks for an eRelevance client with over 4,000 contacts. It generated 47 responses and directly reached 35% of their entire database—more than the 20% average email open rate. By sending three emails, two push notifications, and one text message, plus utilizing social ads and app content, this campaign had an effective schedule.

An email and text or push per week for three weeks ensured the message was delivered frequently, but not so much as to annoy customers into unsubscribing or marking as spam. Communicating more than once a week for a non-event campaign is overcommunicating and puts you at risk of losing revenue.

Email Cycles 1 – 3

In order to keep recipients engaged, a distinct theme is seen throughout, but nothing is exactly the same. The same tagline and model in each email establishes continuity, while the change in the floral background image ensures each email is unique. An attractive campaign that reaches its readers and draws them in will encourage positive results.

It’s important to make sure that you’re not making readers wait too long to get to the point. Putting the most important information above the fold (i.e., before they have to scroll anywhere) ensures that your message gets delivered no matter what. Cutting out fluff and being concise gets your message across and gives people a reason to keep reading. Short, 1-3 sentence descriptions of the types of massage available beyond the fold help readers learn just enough without being bogged down. This especially works well with marketing campaigns that offer multiple services. If you are offering an obscure service, remember to have a strong call-to-action to keep clients engaged and reading, while also giving them enough information to make an informed decision.

Taglines can help support a theme and sell a product or service in a way that makes it easier to buy. “You Deserve This,” “Relax and enjoy…” and “Pick your pampering and save” already put the service or product in the clients’ hands—all they have to do is click and enjoy.

Let the marketing experts at eRelevance make your next campaign as successful as it can be. Schedule a demo and we’ll help you drop email blasting and get hooked on effective multi-channel marketing in no time at all.

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