Follow-up for the Win

Everyone has their own tricks when it comes to marketing. However, the common thread in successful marketing comes down to follow-up: How quickly and efficiently you respond to business inquiries will determine your success in the short- and long-term. Read on for some important things to remember.

Don’t snooze on potential business

Picture this: You spend hours or days crafting a beautiful marketing campaign. The campaign launches and the responses come flooding in, but they never turn into profit. What happened? You forgot to implement a follow-up plan, and that translates to lack of business.

If your team isn’t following up with each response before the lead loses interest, all of that hard work creating the campaign will go to waste. Make sure you have a plan in place for contacting people who respond to your campaigns. The longer you wait to respond, the less likely someone is to schedule a service. Put extra effort into following up on responses to get the best return on your investment.

Don’t waste people’s time—or you’ll lose their money

You’re not only losing potential business when you aren’t following up, but you’re also tarnishing a relationship. Your existing customers are your most important business asset, so treat them as such! When clients request service and it takes days to hear from you (or they never do), what message does that send? Nurturing relationships means more than just providing a valuable service at the time of the appointment. You have to get people through the door in the first place. If you don’t get back to them soon enough to get them scheduled, eventually they’ll find somewhere else to go, no matter how great your service is.

What can eRelevance do to help?

If you’d like to offload the work of digitally marketing to your customers and prospects and need help following up on the responses your campaigns generate, that’s where we can help. Since eRelevance launched its Connect™ follow-up service, small businesses have seen their success skyrocket. Connect helps turn responses into business by contacting clients who have responded to your campaigns and getting them in touch with you to get scheduled, bridging the gap from interest to conversion.

eRelevance client AesthetiCare Medspa uses Connect, and they’ve seen significant results. “We have the fortunate problem that we are very busy, so having a team on our side that is able to forward calls when it’s most convenient for patients has been a game-changer,” says AesthetiCare Marketing Director Karen Naugle.

Connect helps you succeed at marketing follow-up in a way that works for you and your clients. To learn more about what eRelevance Connect can do for you, request a demo today. To read more about the importance of marketing follow-up, see what our Vice President of Marketing Michael Cohen has to say here.

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