Proven Results

With most practices, we are able to show them a return on investment in days and over the course of the first month pay for our service for a year.   We discover your more profitable patients by using our integrated campaign management, care management, and patient engagement features described below.

Campaign Management

We create and manage patient engagement campaigns that focus on your goals.

Campaigns target your patients with personalized two-way dialogs that activate your inactive patients and discover patients that need or want your services and drive them in for care.

Campaigns also help you:

  • Discover patients that need to be seen based on one or more of their responses.
  • Improve patient outcomes (health and wellness).
  • Build patient loyalty and increase patient retention.
  • Satisfy new healthcare regulations to lower penalties and increase incentives by driving patients to their PHI portals and detecting earlier changes in health.
  • Drive inactive patients in to be seen.

Care Management

As patients engage with you using the DocWithMe mobile application, the personalized dialogs with your patients stimulate/detect the need or desire for care – sending you appointment requests directly into your office or facility for scheduling.

Patient Engagement

Many of the patient engagement solutions today bombard patients with canned phone calls, text messages, emails and postcards. Little is done to create a relationship with the patient based on what is learned about their health, health behaviors, life, personal interests, etc.  And most importantly, the patients responses.

Our patient-facing mobile application enables progressive engagement through personalized two-way dialogs where you have increasingly more interaction with your patients without any effort by you or your staff. 

We give you the ability to interact with your patients to learn about what is going on with them, educate them on topics that matter to their health and well-being, and assess whether they are in need of care and if so, enable them to easily request it.