Solution nurtures existing and prospective patients to maximize marketing ROI. 

AUSTIN, Texas – February 12, 2015 — eRelevance Corporation (, announced today that it has extended its progressive patient engagement service to Medical Spas, also known as Med Spas.  Medical Spas offer a variety of cosmetic, non-invasive medical procedures that focus on areas like anti-aging, weight loss, and aesthetics.  The Medical Spa market has been growing rapidly as primary care doctors enter it to replace lost income, and as baby boomers age.

Most Medical Spas spend a significant amount of money on marketing efforts to attract new patients but do little to nurture the people that showed interest but did not become customers.  The ROI on their marketing efforts is not as high as it could be.  One of the reasons for this is that traditional marketing efforts are two dimensional, meaning there are no bi-directional communications with the prospective patient to build a relationship, learn about their needs & desires, and help drive the person to take action. Simply put, you can’t have a conversation with a TV, radio, or print ad, that learns something about an individual.  The eRelevance service is a next generation interactive marketing solution that moves from transaction based marketing to conversations that remember and learn.

“Our service engages the Med Spa’s existing and prospective patients to have synthetic conversations that surface their needs and cultivates their interest in order to drive them in for care,” stated Bob Fabbio, co-founder and CEO of eRelevance Corporation. “In one quarter we've signed up more than 50 Medical Spa’s, making this one of our fastest growing markets.”

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance Corporation, based in Austin, Texas, provides a next generation interactive marketing service to healthcare providers and hospital systems that automates their ability to engage their existing and prospective patients, outside the point-of-care, to educate, assess health, discover needs, cultivate interests, offer promotions, and learn about the patient’s life.  As a managed service, no labor burden is placed on the providers or their staff.