Highlights the importance of internal marketing to generate more revenue from existing contacts. 

AUSTIN, Texas – June 2, 2016 — eRelevance Corporation (www.erelevancecorp.com), published its most recent customer case study featuring Dr. Sheena Kong Med Spa that highlights the importance of consistent and systematic internal marketing for growing revenue.

“Someone may not respond to a message or offer the first time, and that’s okay. Consistency is important because the timing has to be right for people to take action.  Patients are busy; they want to act on their own terms,” stated Sheena Kong, M.D. “I think internal marketing is invaluable, and by doing it for me, eRelevance is a very important part of my business.” The eRelevance service generated more than 200 leads over a nine-month period, many of which turned into business for the practice.

“We’re in the business of helping small to medium-sized businesses grow their revenue by leveraging their most valuable assets — their existing contacts; and for most companies, 80% of their business comes from their existing customers,” stated Bob Fabbio, co-founder and CEO of eRelevance Corporation. “We are extremely passionate about doing everything possible to help our clients increase the lifetime value of their customers.”

eRelevance focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that struggle with the cost and complexity of using marketing automation software tools to do their own lead generation, or using expensive marketing consultants.  The eRelevance service allows them to outsource their internal marketing so that they can focus on their core business.

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance, headquartered in Austin, Texas offers the small to medium-sized business a new choice for internal marketing – a technology enabled marketing automation service.   Because we have automated much of what is traditionally labor intensive, we deliver high quality work in a very responsive manner, at a price point that is difficult to compete with.  And unlike others, we quantify the value that we are delivering with nearly immediate return on investment.

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