Technology enabled marketing automation service delivers on brand promise.  

AUSTIN, Texas – March 16, 2016 — eRelevance Corporation (, announced today that it is experiencing phenomenal growth due to its strong customer satisfaction results as measured by its Net Promoter Score® and customer retention rate.

eRelevance’s Net Promoter Score is seven points higher than the national average for business services companies in the US. The Net Promoter Score is a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction and asks just one simple question; on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend eRelevance to a friend or colleague? Higher Net Promoter Scores indicate a more loyal customer base which drives profitable growth.

eRelevance’s customer retention is 99% per month.  Customer retention measures the number of customers that continue to use eRelevance’s service each month.  Typical marketing services companies that cater to small to medium-sized businesses often have monthly customer retention rates of 50-75%.

eRelevance customers have responded enthusiastically to the service provided them.  “The personal care, time, attention and advice we get from eRelevance is amazing.  We are ecstatically happy with the service.  They lead and teach us how to get the most out of every campaign we do,” stated Shalyn Murray-Gazzo, marketing and practice manager, Elase Medical Spas.

“We are extremely passionate about providing a technology-enabled marketing automation service that delights our customers. Every part of our company is focused on customer satisfaction and we work very hard to help our customers generate more business,” stated Bob Fabbio, co-founder and CEO of eRelevance Corporation. “We’ve proven that multi-channel digital marketing using our technology platform, marketing experts and industry best practices helps our customers generate 4-5 times more leads than if they do the work themselves.”

eRelevance focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that struggle with the cost and complexity of using marketing automation software tools to do their own lead generation.  The eRelevance service allows them to outsource their internal marketing so that they can focus on their core business.

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance offers a technology-enabled marketing automation service that uniquely leverages its advanced technology, marketing expertise, and best practices to market to an organization’s internal contact database. While most organizations primarily use email to market for this purpose, eRelevance leverages multiple digital communication channels including email, text, web, social, and automated conversations via an app and text messaging to generate leads. We are located in Austin, Texas and cater to small and medium-sized businesses to reduce their marketing workload and significantly improve their lead generation effectiveness.

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