Program leverages the eRelevance technology-enabled lead generation service to help partner clients more rapidly drive the adoption of new services within their customer base. 

AUSTIN, Texas – January 5, 2016 — eRelevance Corporation (, announced today that it has launched a program to help partners accelerate the demand for their products and services. The program includes multiple levels, from bundling the eRelevance service with the partner’s offerings to reseller and referral components tailored to each partner.

When healthcare practices such as Medical Spas, Dermatologists, and Plastic Surgeons consider the purchase of expensive capital equipment, they often have concerns over how they are going to market the new services in order to increase their revenue and recover their costs.  This concern can prevent many from making a purchase. And, for the product and equipment supplier there is a direct link between a healthcare practices ability to market and their success.

“Our service compliments equipment suppliers, helping them sell their products with confidence knowing that their customers will receive a systematic approach to marketing that will drive demand for their products and services,” stated Bob Fabbio, co-founder and CEO of eRelevance Corporation.  “This is especially critical for suppliers who offer consumable products that are totally dependent on the marketing expertise of their customers in order to be successful.”

The eRelevance Partner Program is available now.

eRelevance focuses on small to medium-sized businesses that struggle with the cost and complexity of using marketing automation software tools to do their own lead generation.  The eRelevance service allows them to outsource their internal marketing so that they can focus on their core business.

The eRelevance service uniquely leverages its advanced technology and marketing expertise/best practices to market to an organization’s internal contact database.  While most organizations primarily use email to market for this purpose, eRelevance leverages multiple digital communication channels including email, text, web, social, and automated conversations via an app and text messaging to generate leads at 2-3 times the effectiveness of traditional marketing efforts.

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance offers a technology-enabled lead generation service that is focused on delighting our customers.  We are located in Austin, Texas and cater to SMBs to reduce their marketing workload and significantly improve their lead generation effectiveness.

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