eRelevance | 1.10.17 | Through Its Innovative and Exclusive Partnership Offering, eRelevance Is Helping Device Manufacturers Dominate Markets
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Through Its Innovative and Exclusive Partnership Offering, eRelevance Is Helping Aesthetic Device Manufacturers Dominate Markets

Program’s next-gen marketing service, proprietary analytics and market intelligence are quickly increasing revenue from patients and providing clear competitive advantage


AUSTIN, Texas—January 10, 2017—eRelevance Corporation, a leading tech-powered marketing automation service for small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs), today announced a new innovative and exclusive partnership program that’s changing the way aesthetic device manufacturers drive revenue and rapid ROI, strengthen relationships with medical practices, and dominate markets.

Based on measurable results and feedback from partners who have participated in the program since it launched in January 2016, eRelevance has enhanced its benefits for 2017.

“Our partnerships with leading and emerging device manufacturers, including BTL Aesthetics, have proven that our tech-powered marketing automation service is the future of medical marketing,” says eRelevance CEO and Co-founder Bob Fabbio. “We are able to leverage proprietary analytics and unique competitive intelligence to deliver strong results for our partners and their customers, catapulting them to market leadership. With 16x ROI potential per month, results show we are dramatically reducing the time it takes a practice to see a payback.”

eRelevance’s exclusive partner program offers powerful benefits through five key offerings:

  • Patient Marketing Automation Service. When aesthetic practices consider the purchase of costly, sophisticated capital equipment, they have concerns about how they will market their new services, generate consistent revenue and recover the cost of investment. These concerns often prevent practices from purchasing.  eRelevance’s tech-powered marketing automation service uniquely combines proprietary technology and marketing experts to optimize results for aesthetic practices. Through the partnership program, device manufacturers can differentiate themselves by providing aesthetic practices with eRelevance’s service at favored pricing. The service engages patients outside the point of care with custom campaigns tailored to each practice, stimulates interest, and drives quicker ROI, while reducing the staff’s marketing workload.


  • Competitive Intelligence. Using patient engagement and campaign data combined with analytics from practices across the country, eRelevance’s competitive intelligence reveals the services preferred by both practices and patients. Partners have access to competitive insights not available anywhere else. Insights include the services most often marketed by practices and the services and campaigns generating the greatest number of leads, reflecting not only partner-specific trends but also overall market trends and indicators.


  • Promotional Intelligence. Through analytics gleaned from thousands of custom campaigns generated for hundreds of aesthetic practices, eRelevance identifies the promotions that generate the most leads. This insight provides its partners’ customers with intelligence on how to optimize marketing by determining the most effective promotions to execute and to which contacts.


  • Partner Marketing Services. With the same marketing automation service used to market to patients, eRelevance also executes campaigns for its partners—with measurable results. Campaigns include marketing for partner events, as well as product and service promotions sent to practices. eRelevance’s channel managers provide marketing support by attending partner events, delivering expert presentations and creating supporting marketing collateral.


  • Results Reporting. Partners have access to customized, real-time performance reporting, including leads generated from practice and partner campaigns, as well as acquisition cost and ROI analysis.


“Through our partnership with eRelevance, our practices have quickly experienced the value of their marketing automation service.   Practices can design comprehensive campaigns that tie to their goals to maintain the lifetime value of patients. We’ve also seen a direct benefit to our business from eRelevance’s marketing support, analytics and competitive intelligence, which isn’t available anywhere else,” says John Ferris of BTL Aesthetics. “The benefits BTL and our providers have experienced in the last 12 months have been both clear and unique.”

The eRelevance partner program includes a multi-level offering, from service bundles, special pricing and components tailored to each partner.

“We formed strong partnerships with a number of device manufacturers in 2016. Our intention in 2017 and beyond is to be highly selective in choosing partners who want to see rapid growth and invest in long-term customer success,” says eRelevance Vice President of Business Development Blair Drenner.

About eRelevance Corporation

eRelevance’s marketing automation service is an innovative approach to helping SMBs generate revenue from customers. Its expert marketing, done by marketing experts, is faster, cheaper and more effective. Unlike traditional marketing consultants, eRelevance marries next-generation technology and experts, at an attractive price. There are no marketing tools to learn to use, nor expensive consulting fees. eRelevance’s service generates, on average, 16x the ROI potential per month for its customers.

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