It's all about the patient relationship

How do you have better relationships with your patients without continued meaningful dialogs with them?

You recognize the value of maintaining a strong patient relationship but you just don't have very much time to spend with each patient when they come to see you. 

And, if you are like most healthcare providers, your patients are away from you 99% of the time so how can you possibly maintain a relationship?

What you are doing today

If you are like most of the practices we've spoken to, you are using, or have used patient reminder and activation software to try to ensure they show up for care. Your patients see these email/text/postcard communications as annoying bombardment, why? Because they only serve your needs and do not foster a relationship with you, the healthcare provider. If they did, you wouldn't be constantly focused on finding new patients.

What you should be doing

The answer is: you need to be engaging your patients, in meaningful ways, when they are not in front of you to maintain the relationship you have with them.

But, like any relationship, it requires you to communicate in a bi-directional and engaging way.

Our progressive patient engagement service targets and automates personalized two-way provider-patient dynamic dialog that fosters better patient relationships without placing a burden on the provider or staff.

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