It's a simple concept.

For a business to deliver real value, you have to know your customers and what's important to them. That's why regular, informal conversations with the people who run the small- to medium-sized businesses we serve are an essential part of what we do every day.

We talk to customers about their success, challenges, the ways in which our marketing automation service is providing value, and where we can enhance our value to them.  We're grateful for the blunt honesty in these conversations.  Sometimes, even as marketing experts, we find it's customers who best convey what we do well.

Dr. Murray Riggins is one of those customers.  Recently he had this to say about why eRelevance works for his practice:

"I replaced another marketing service that wasn't delivering results with eRelevance. I let them go because they were focused on "clicks."  I don't care about clicks.  I care about getting more people in the office, and that's what eRelevance does."

We're building a company dedicated to results by providing world-class service.  We do this with incomparably high standards of creative work, in a responsive manner, and at a price point that's hard to beat.

As of today, we've generated more than 110 appointment request leads for Dr. Riggins over a four-month period--and thousands more for others. Learn more about Dr. Riggins and the other small to medium-sized businesses successfully using eRelevance.

When it comes to marketing automation, how do you measure results?