Best Practices

eRelevance's marketing automation service employs a number of best practices to help our clients drive more business. 

The eRelevance team of marketing experts each have more than twenty years of experience in driving demand for large and small companies across a variety of industries. We use a combination of industry best practices and the best practices we've developed over many years of helping companies drive demand for their products and services.

We apply best practices to all of the communication channels that we use including email, web, social, text, and a mobile app. A sampling of just a few of our best practices are listed below.

Email Best Practices

Our team of marketing experts use proven best practices to create integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns that drive more business for you.

Some of the email best practices we use are listed below. We invite you to explore these best practices to learn more about what makes an effective email campaign.

Text Messaging Best Practices


The use of text messages to reach your clients can be a powerful tool when done right. Some of the best practices we employ with text messaging include:

  • Utilize an opt-in method if you do not have explicit permission to text your clients about marketing topics. An opt-in method sends a single test message to ask your client for permission to text them. If your client denies the request no further text messages will be sent to them.
  • Send text messages as part of an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign.
  • Only send text messages once or twice per month as a higher frequency can cause complaints from your clients.
  • Keep the text message as short as possible to make it easy to read.