Great Businesses Deserve Great Marketing

We’ve spoken to thousands of professionals across the country and many have told us they struggle to effectively market to their current and prospective customers to generate more revenue.

Their conclusion: There must not be any business left from our customers, so we better find new opportunities. So off they go, spending a fortune on print ads, radio ads, PPC, SEO, social, and more…only to be disappointed again.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, it was the wrong conclusion. There is constantly business available from existing customers if you do great marketing! What does that mean? You need marketing experts who adhere to best practices to reach your customers in a multi-channel way, with communication that’s relevant to them.

Unfortunately, we often hear that these businesses have someone on their staff assigned to running email-only campaigns once a month—staff that does not have the time nor marketing expertise to be effective at this.

Would you have an office manager, business manager, or assistant who’s not skilled in marketing try to engage your current and prospective customers? Your customers are your most valuable asset, and the goal of great marketing is to connect with the target audience to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Until now, small- to medium-sized businesses have had only two choices: Hire expensive and slow marketing consultants or have their staff use marketing software tools and take on the marketing work themselves. Now, there’s a new alternative.

With eRelevance, you can outsource the marketing to us. We offer an affordable, highly responsive solution that leverages proprietary technology, marketing experts following best practices, and integrated multi-channel communications to surface leads from a business’ existing customers with three to ten times the effectiveness of them doing the internal marketing themselves.

Hundreds of forward-thinking small- to medium-sized businesses across the country have outsourced their internal marketing to eRelevance—because great businesses deserve great marketing.

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