Marketing Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm You!

We hear all the time from small- to medium-sized businesses that it’s overwhelming to keep up with everything going on AND market to their customers. It’s just too much to do!

It makes sense. You’re trying to run a successful business, see clients, schedule consultations, bill clients, confirm consultations, order supplies or answer the phones—the list goes on and on. Then, when you have a break from all that, you’re supposed to sit down, think about what you want to promote and to whom and come up with a creative way to do it. Whew—it’s like you’re downshifting and switching gears constantly!

If that isn’t enough, you then have to use some marketing software tool that you hardly understand to load, update, refresh or clean up the customer database you’re marketing to; define the email campaign you want to run; create the email content with some creative flare; and then send it out. After all is said and done, you’ve wasted a stressful few hours (or days) to send out a single email to your customers. To make matters worse, you then wait for the phone to ring with no real way of knowing if that stressful exercise is helping drive more business.

It’s no wonder most businesses only do this once per month and find it overwhelming.

After all, your core competency is taking care of your customers, not digital marketing. Don’t fear—there’s a cure for this overwhelming and mostly ineffective approach to marketing.

Outsource it—but, NOT to a traditional marketing agency, firm, or consultant. That’s slow and expensive. These outsourced alternatives are essentially using many of the same software marketing tools that are available to you and just charging you a lot to do so. Outsource this work to eRelevance, a technology-enabled marketing automation service. eRelevance provides you with a high-quality, affordable and responsive alternative to patient marketing.

How we do this is simple. We leverage advanced technology to automate much of the creative and client services work that’s typically done manually by agencies, firms, and consultants. eRelevance’s marketing experts, following marketing best practices, market to your patients via six different branded digital channels (not just email) to reach far more patients per campaign than just email would. As a result, we pass great savings onto you while generating three to ten times more leads than if you tried to market to your patients yourself.

There is no reason for your customer marketing to be overwhelming or ineffective any longer!

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