Why Dr. Suneel Chilukuri Doesn’t Want New Patients

Dr. Suneel Chilukuri of Houston’s Refresh Dermatology is an established aesthetic industry leader. He is a board-certified, internationally recognized expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. His resume speaks for itself.

So what does he use to make sure he sees consistent and effective marketing results? The answer is eRelevance’s sophisticated engagement services, which help him generate enough revenue from his existing patients to grow his business.

Market Outside the Box

While many practices are set on expanding their clientele and getting as many new patients as possible, Dr. Chilukuri isn’t. At a recent speaking engagement, he asked the audience of aesthetic practice owners and managers who was looking to expand their patient base; almost every attendee raised his or her hand. He was the odd man out, though. After using eRelevance, he “doesn’t want to bring in new patients.” With eRelevance’s marketing services, Dr. Chilukuri’s existing patients are so engaged with his practice that they keep coming back—essentially eliminating the need for him to go out and market to new people.

Growing a patient base and expanding your practice is important, but nurturing the clients that already know you is critical to success. Once you have an established group of clients, they are your best bet when it comes to recurring revenue.

Trust and Commitment

As Dr. Chilukuri has learned, “the best audience that you have are the patients that already trust you.” eRelevance helps practices educate and engage their existing patients.

Think about it this way: if you were considering getting an aesthetic treatment, where would you go? A doctor and practice you’ve been going to for years or a brand new one? Odds are you’d pick the one you already know and trust, and if that practice is engaged with you and doing its part to keep you coming back, it would be an easy choice. eRelevance provides the service you need to keep your clients educated, engaged and coming back. The trust builds with every marketing campaign, and that’s worth as much as any purchase.

Crunch the Numbers

If patient retention, trust and personalization aren’t reason enough to market to your existing patient base, then consider the numbers. Because of eRelevance, Dr. Chilukuri only pays between $34 and $60 to maintain a patient, compared to acquisition costs for a new patient, which range anywhere from $200 to approximately $1,200. As a result, Dr. Chilukuri’s return on investment is through the roof.

Since he’s “spending pennies on the dollar,” Dr. Chilukuri is able to focus more on what he does best: treating patients and attending to their needs. Plus, he says the practice is “getting far more professional and effective marketing than [they] could do on [their] own.” That professional marketing he’s referring to comes from the in-house creative professionals at eRelevance. They build custom campaigns based on established marketing best practices in order to help you be as successful as possible. The work rivals that of expensive marketing agencies and is beyond what most practices achieve on their own.

eRelevance can help you get more out of your existing relationships. Learn more by scheduling your demo today.

To watch a video of Dr. Chilukuri talk about his experience with eRelevance, click here. Or to read more about the benefits of the eRelevance service to Refresh Dermatology, click here.

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