How Dr. Jessica Wright’s life “got much easier” with eRelevance

At Rejuvenate Austin, Dr. Jessica Wright’s phone rings all day. What’s her marketing strategy? eRelevance’s sophisticated engagement simplified.

“After signing on with eRelevance, my life got much easier,” says Dr. Wright, owner of Rejuvenate Austin, a med spa in Westlake Hill, Texas. “When I switched over to eRelevance, all I had to do was put the campaign start date and the deal that I wanted to promote, and eRelevance did everything else.”

The in-house creative pros at eRelevance build custom campaigns that stick to best practices, engage customers and prospects and help generate revenue. This allows businesses like Rejuvenate Austin to thrive. Most businesses are already resource-strained and often without in-house marketing expertise. With eRelevance, creating marketing campaigns is no longer on the shoulders of the owners or staff of a small business. eRelevance frees the establishment to focus on what they do best—take care of their customers and manage their business.

After she approved the first eRelevance-created campaign, Dr. Wright reflects, “Leslie, our patient care coordinator, said ‘What did you do? We’re getting phone calls all day!’ So that first campaign went out and our phone rang off the hook all day.”

A Suite of Services

eRelevance digitally surrounds customers and prospects using a multichannel approach. That means the eRelevance marketing pros don’t just send email blasts, but also texts, Facebook and Instagram ads, web landing pages, and more—with messages that matter. Its suite of services drives more demand, lowers advertising costs and improves lead conversion.

“eRelevance is a wonderful way to communicate to your client base and tell them what you’re offering, what deals you have going, or maybe just to educate them,” says Dr. Wright.

The eRelevance Portal

Dr. Wright has her staff log into the eRelevance dashboard regularly so that “everyone is aware of what deals are going on and what kinds of calls are going to be coming in. That’s super helpful to keep things running smoothly.”

Clicks are great, but business is better. The game-changing benefit of the eRelevance portal is that it shows all the campaigns running and the responses generated.  eRelevance doesn’t just give you a login and send you on your way.  The experts guide you through every step and do the work on your behalf, with your input.

Campaign Creation

The experts at eRelevance use data and analytics to send personalized communication that reaches more customers and prospects.  They don’t send email blasts, they use sophisticated engagement and best practices to drive more business.

Before using eRelevance, Dr. Wright would plan and execute her marketing strategies herself, leaving the time-consuming creative process on her shoulders. “I would have to sit down and actually choose all the stock photos and all the language that was in it; it was more of a burden than I realized.”

Now with eRelevance, Dr. Wright just “sits down and logs into the portal and spends five minutes on a campaign instead of several hours; and what that translates to is more bookings, and we’re getting more campaigns out per year.”

Let eRelevance simplify your life with their sophisticated marketing made simple.  Schedule your demo today.

To view a video of Dr. Wright sharing her eRelevance experience, click here.


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