Referral Marketing for Mortgage Businesses Part 2: Best Practices

In our last post about referral partner marketing, we discussed the importance of nurturing relationships with customers and partners for revenue growth. In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into the best practices eRelevance uses to generate maximum responses from referral marketing campaigns.

Multi-channel Approach

In our busy multi-screen, multi-channel world, email blasting isn’t the most effective tactic. When consumers have a choice in how to be reached, it’s best to tap into as many channels as possible in order to get your message delivered. From email and SMS to social media, effective multi-channel marketing allows your targets to read your message where and how they want. In our always-on world, reaching people on their desired platform also helps cut through the clutter. eRelevance helps its clients target customers via email, text and social media.

Get Personal

Your customers and business partners already know and love you, so let them know it goes both ways. When they receive an email or text message addressed directly to them from an office they know and trust (or even a staff member they’ve worked with personally), they’re much more likely to open it and engage with the message. Plus, when presented with a personalized message on their preferred channel over a generic email blast, it’s pretty obvious which will get better engagement. eRelevance personalizes its clients’ marketing campaigns for optimal results.

Be Consistent

Personalized messages across multiple channels are the most efficient way to generate leads, but ensuring a message is consistent across all channels is crucial. It wouldn’t be very effective to send an email and text message at the same time but with different content, right? Making sure your message looks and sounds the same across all channels will ensure your audience stays engaged. eRelevance can help you establish this, plus ensure you’re contacting people frequently enough to keep you on their minds (but not too much as to annoy them).

Track It!

What happens after you send out an email or text message? How do you know if people are engaging with your social posts, let alone looking at them? Tracking your message is critical to measuring its success. eRelevance provides the technology you need to see who chooses to engage with your message, no matter the channel. Plus, once you capture responses, we’ll help you understand why they matter and how to direct your next marketing message.

Keeping these best practices in mind will help you craft your referral marketing to be as successful as possible. eRelevance can help you get there, so contact us today to learn more.

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