How Sophisticated Marketing Builds Stronger Customer Connections

To keep customers coming back to your business—and not that crowded field of competitors—means building a lasting foundation of trust, confidence and strong connection. It means providing an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Within the walls of your business, delivering on that experience requires offering a service that works and a dedicated staff. Sophisticated marketing can also play an essential role in creating stronger patient connections.

It starts with reach. Awareness strengthens connection. Your customers want to know what you have to offer so they have the opportunity to stay loyal to your practice. To do that, your communications must be consistent and reach your intended targets. No single marketing channel—including email—can reach everyone in this perpetually online world. Your customers expect choices and want to communicate on their terms. Understanding and delivering on that gives you a competitive advantage.

Choosing the right people. Blasting the same message to all your patients won’t yield optimal results: Choosing the right groups of patients for your campaigns is important. For example, a message and offer for a procedure primarily for older women may not work well for men or younger women.

Relevancy is king. When it comes to marketing, the more you know, the more effective you can be. Communicating to customers about procedures important to them and special offers you know are likely to drive action means faster and better results. Relevant, sophisticated marketing delivers optimal value to your customers and a significantly better customer experience, which keeps them coming back.

How eRelevance Delivers Sophisticated Marketing

With eRelevance, your campaigns reach your targets with the information they want. Here are just three examples of how we do it:

  • Because sophisticated patient marketing goes well beyond simple email blasting, eRelevance engages your patients across many different digital channels over the course of multiple coordinated campaign cycles. The result is better reach that provides even more data preferences. With our newly improved campaign view, you can now see how many customers are targeted, how far through the campaign execution we are, and how many of the targeted customers have been reached so far.


  • When requesting a campaign, you can choose a concern (e.g., fat or wrinkle reduction, for example) and view the number of customers who are most likely interested in a service category based on previous actions they have taken (e.g., clicked on a link in an email or found you on social media).


  • Through the Customers tab in the portal, you can easily view the content viewed by an individual patient through our conversational channels, as well as the log of their specific conversations. With this feature, you can not only send the most relevant campaigns, but it allows you to have deeper and more effective conversations during in-office appointments.


Real Life Results from Sophisticated Marketing

For eRelevance customer Docere Medical Spa and Laser Center, more channels have delivered significantly better results than the email-only campaigns used before eRelevance. Of the 360 appointment requests generated in the first eight months of using eRelevance, 63 percent came from channels other than email.

Docere’s CEO, Lori Leonard, also understands the value of targeting and relevancy to further drive results.  “We want to market to our clients with increasing precision and understand more about their interests and what they want. With eRelevance, we can do that.”

Click here for the full case study on how Docere is using eRelevance to generate results and stronger patient connections.

At eRelevance, we’re constantly developing new features to help our clients improve campaigns and strengthen patient connections. Dedicated client success managers are experts with these features and always available to assist.

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